Friday, August 9, 2013

Guy and Sharrie's Bio and Workshop Descriptions

Guy George, from Cleveland, Ohio, is a rhythmic, melodic hammered dulcimer player with a definite jazz influence to his playing style. Guy comes from a background in jazz and performance on the saxophone, having studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston; honing his skills playing with many jazz influenced musicians in the Boston and New York area. He has settled outside Cleveland, Ohio and presently plays hammered dulcimer, tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, flute, steel drum and keyboard. He has made his name in the dulcimer world as a performer, instructor, author/publisher and recording artist.   

       He tours throughout the United States and Canada performing and recording and teaching workshops on the hammered dulcimer, steel drums, and penny whistle. His teaching style is relaxed and fun, as he teaches tunes of many different genres and styles.  In addition, he incorporates methods for more advanced practicing and playing techniques while simultaneously entertaining his students.  

       Guy has authored 13 books arranged for hammered dulcimer, steel drum, pennywhistle, and other instruments, which are distributed around the world through Gesani Publications, a company he and his wife, Sharrie, own and operate.  

In recent years, Sharrie George has emerged as a talented performer and instructor in her own right.  Her solid timing and clean rhythms have made her an important part of Guy's groove in more ways than one, plus she's fun and helps you work on what you need the most.

Guy’s Workshop Descriptions

Absolute Beginning Hammered Dulcimer - This is the class for you if you have never played a hammer dulcimer, but would like to try! Guy will show you step by step, the way to play beautiful music on this exciting, and timeless instrument. All the basics will be covered, from tuning and care of the dulcimer, to locating the notes and playing a simple melody. Don’t have a hammered dulcimer? A few free loaners will be available if you would like to “try before you buy”. (You may have to share) This class will get you ready for “The Next Step” classes which will be offered later during the weekend.

Beginner HD - The Next Step - After you’ve learned the basics, learn some easy melodies, what you can do with your dulcimer; we’ll even learn a little about chord back-up! This class will get you ready for the Manatee Orchestra on HD class!

HD - Intermediate Level - Learn a beautiful European tune, “Bicyclettes des Versailles”. This is a hauntingly beautiful melody from France; goes from minor to major mode and back again. Add variety to your repertoire with this very different tune.

HD - Intermediate Level - Add a Celtic hornpipe to your repertoire. A Hornpipe is a lilting dance tune, fun to play, and not too difficult to learn. Webb’s Hornpipe will have you toe- tapping!

Syncopation on the Hammered Dulcimer - Intermediate Level - Jazz up your playing! Add the magic of syncopation to your skills on the dulcimer. Guy will show you how to take a “straight” melody and add synchopation to really make it swing; and then apply the technique to a tune or two. Have a tune you’d like to “jazz up” a little? Bring it to this class and learn first hand how to do it!

Manatee Orchestra for HD - All levels - Learn parts and arrangements for our Manatee Or- chestra with MD, PW, Ukes, Steel Drum, and other instruments!

Steel Drum - Beginning Level - Learn how to play an authentic steel drum! We’ll have some Jumbie Jams available to try. Learn the basics and be playing melody and chords on this great island instrument! Great refresher if you haven’t played in a while.

Steel Drum - Intermediate - Manatee Orchestra! - Once you have taken the beginning class, you may want to join us learning parts for the Manatee Orchestra! We will have parts for all lev- els, so even if you are “just beyond beginner, you’ll have a part to play. We join the whole Or- chestra in a great concert on Saturday night!

Pennywhistle - Beginning Level - Learn how to play the easiest instrument to carry around! We’ll have you playing and sounding good in 2 keys in this first lesson! Inexpensive, great sounding “D” whistles will be available at our vending area.

Manatee Orchestra for Pennywhistle - All Levels - After you’ve taken the beginning class, you’ll be ready to learn easy parts to play for the Manatee Orchestra; More advanced players will have busier parts to play as we get ready to join the whole Orchestra for our performance on Saturday night!

Guy’s ‘Crazy’ Intermediate Pennywhistle - Not for Beginners! (But you are welcome to watch) Chromatics, chords, technique, tone, breathing, tonguing, duets, playing in different keys, dif- ferent styles, tunes, and more! Jazz up your playing! Have a difficult tune? Squeaky notes? Bring it here! This class is designed to give you what you can’t get anywhere else!

Sharrie’s Workshop Descriptions

Beginning Ukulele - Never played the uke? Now’s your chance! Borrow a ukulele from us and learn a few tunes, along with the basics, all in one workshop! We will have nice loaner ukuleles for you to try - and plenty to buy if you decide you can’t leave without one!

Uke Can Pick A Little Melody Too - Intermediate Ukulele - Know chords, strums, tunes, and wonder what else this little instrument can do? Add some melody playing to your uke skills! We’ll learn a few tunes in a few different keys, playing melody and harmonies that you can take home and play with others - these will be great arrangements that you can perform with other uke players, dulcimer, or any other lead instrument!

Ukulele Favorites - Past Beginner - Learn some of the tunes that made the ukulele famous! Have fun learning some of the really fine, old ukulele favorites - learn new chords, and how to make those oldies really swing! And then we’ll learn a few great jam tunes (in “D” of course) that are fun to play on the uke! Good practice for smoother chord changes too!

Over The Rainbow, Ukulele Iz Style - Intermediate - This tune has been requested many times, so here it is, Iz’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World. Chords, strums, and lyrics as sung by the Great Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Manatee Orchestra - All Levels Ukulele - If you know the basic chords and strums, you’re ready to join the Manatee Orchestra! Parts for just past beginner and above - on any ukulele - bari- tones and U-basses welcome too!! We will learn melodies, strums and other accompaniment for several tunes to play in parts - with and without voices - and then we will join the rest of the Manatee Orchestra later for a GREAT performance! A fun way to learn and have fun on the uke! 

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