Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Guy & Sharrie George's Bio and Workshop Descriptions

Guy & Sharrie George - Festival Co-Founders
                         Performers and Instructors

Guy George, from Cleveland, Ohio, is a rhythmic, melodic hammered dulcimer player with a definite jazz influence to his playing style. Guy comes from a background in jazz and performance on the saxophone, having studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston; honing his skills playing with many jazz influenced musicians in the Boston and New York area. He has settled outside Cleveland, Ohio and presently plays hammered dulcimer, tenor, alto and soprano saxophones, flute, steel drum and keyboard. He has made his name in the dulcimer world as a performer, instructor, author/publisher and recording artist.   

       He tours throughout the United States and Canada performing and recording and teaching workshops on the hammered dulcimer, steel drums, and penny whistle. His teaching style is relaxed and fun, as he teaches tunes of many different genres and styles.  In addition, he incorporates methods for more advanced practicing and playing techniques while simultaneously entertaining his students.  

       Guy has authored 13 books arranged for hammered dulcimer, steel drum, pennywhistle, and other instruments, which are distributed around the world through Gesani Publications, a company he and his wife, Sharrie, own and operate.  

Workshop Descriptions

Take the Mystery out of the Hammered Dulcimer - Beginning - Have fun learning your way around the instrument to locate notes and parts of the dulcimer, as well as all the basics. I’ll show you easy ways to find chords and remember melodies. We’ll also cover some great practice tips, scales and arpeggios in this very beginner workshop.

Fun with Chords and Improvising - Beginner HD - Learn some simple chords, arpeggios, and scales to create a good sound as we learn a few fun tunes to take home with you.

Building a Repertoire on the Hammered Dulcimer - Intermediate - Start easy but add to your tune list as we learn some songs that will sound great on your instrument!

Get That Island Feeling on a Hammered Dulcimer - Intermediate - Learn a few “island” tunes as we learn and practice our “island technique”.

Mom’s Jig - Intermediate HD - Learn my arrangement of a really fun “jig” to play! We’ll work on ways to play more up-tempo tunes, how to swing the rhythms, and what it takes to sound good with a Celtic feel.

BEGINNING Pennywhistle - An easy, fun instrument to play - and the EASIEST to pack and carry! Learn the basics and how to play in 2 keys easily. 

In recent years, Sharrie George has emerged as a talented performer and instructor in her own right.  Her solid timing and clean rhythms have made her an important part of Guy's groove in more ways than one, plus she's fun and helps you work on what you need the most.

Workshop Descriptions

Beginning Ukulele - Free Loaners - Don’t know the first thing about the uke? Come to this class and we’ll get you started! AND you don’t even have to buy one to try it! We have great LOANERS for you! Have fun learning how to play this fun little instrument! This workshop will get you ready for all the “Beyond Beginner” classes offered this weekend!

Beyond Beginner Ukulele - Work on basic strums, chords and tunes as we learn some fun ukulele“classics”! We will also learn some “jamming Chords” so you can join in the evening jams on your uke. Good practice if you’ve just started to play.

Manatee Orchestra - Ukulele - All levels - Part 1 - Be part of our famous Manatee Orchestra and play the ukulele! We’ll learn all parts; from easy strum to more difficult melody and harmony parts - you pick the part you are comfortable playing. A fun way to add some new skills and be part of our Sat night performance!

Manatee Orchestra - Ukulele Part 2 - With HD, and Pennywhistle - Second chance to learn/practice parts for our Manatee Orchestra. Hammered Dulcimer and Pennywhistle will be learning their parts while ukes practice what they have learned in Part 1 Workshop.

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