Friday, October 25, 2019

Richard's Workshops

Richard Ash's Workshops!

Beginning Mountain Dulcimer

Aimed towards the NEW player, but experienced players are welcome to participate, and gather ideas for THEIR next beginner classes, too. From “head to the left, strings up” to some more advanced skills, our focus will be on making music fast, with minimal technique problems to “fix later”. The focus is on learning enough to go to a local club meeting, sit in on a jam, and have fun.

Metronome Fun

Practicing with a metronome doesn’t have to be boring. Richard will bring a metronome and amp, so we can all play along, and use the metronome as a group. He’ll point out common tempo mistakes, and show how to use a metronome to unlearn bad habits, and to make you into a more consistent (rhythmically) player.

TablEdit Basics

Richard will bring his laptop, and a projector for the screen, so you can see as he walks you through making a really simple piece of tablature. This isn't about creating an arrangement, but is more about using the software (TablEdit) to make something that can be shared, legibly, with your friends. 

Looping Pedals For The Non-Technical

Using a Boss RC-30 (the most popular choice) looping pedal, Richard will walk you through simple steps to record yourself and play back the recording so you can play along. Bring your own RC-30 (with a small practice amp) if you have one, otherwise you can just watch and listen. 

Advanced Rhythms - Reading And Counting

All instruments - we'll be clapping rhythms, tapping toes to keep the beat. Combinations of “down-up”, “out-in”, and “one-and”, all working together to help demystify counting for the uninitiated, and provide a great review for the trained musicians. Bring your dulcimer, guitar, or ukulele - we'll incorporate real-world strumming into our newly-revitalized rhythm-reading skills.

Novelty Songs

When you need something a little “lighter” than a murder ballad, and maybe not so dry as an English folk ballad with 112 verses, maybe this'll fill the need to tickle your funny bone. 

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