Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Just Around The Corner...

We're at that point now where you start to get tickled, just knowing how much fun is coming.  We're just around the corner from the second retreat and we're looking forward to seeing many returning folks, lots of new friends will be there and I hope we get a nice, curious public coming out from the local towns, Citrus and surrounding counties.  There's a good chance they don't know of the diamond that is Homosassa Springs, so, instead of cheerleading for this event, which runs January 30th - February 2nd, I'll just post a link to the blog where we had just finished last year's inaugural event.  There's a bunch of photos in this post.  I want you to look at them and picture yourself in that place making music with all those folks.  Then, be sure to register with us by using the button over on the right side.  Don't forget to mention the retreat to the front desk at the Homosassa Riverside Resort when you book your room.  We not only get a special rate there but also at the Homosassa RV Campground right near by.


There's the link.  It'll do the talking for me.  See you soon, I hope!

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