Monday, August 9, 2021

Richard Ash Workshops

Richard Ash Workshops

Right-Hand Strumming

Tonal And Amplitude Variations - Let's add some variety to your strumming. Focusing on the right hand, we'll go through a lot of options, and determine some of the best places to use them.

Tuning Your Dulcimer By Ear

A little physics, a little magic, and "twang" you're in tune! (Bring your electronic tuner - we will be using it to check out progress.)

Murder Ballads Greatest Hits

Some old, some new, all either gruesome or fun, depending on your point of view!

Shenandoah Variations

Hammer-ons, slides, pull offs, arpeggios, tempo changes, and lots more. We will take this beautiful ballad, add so much "extra stuff" to it that it's awful, then back off on the fluff until our arrangement is just right!

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