Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Sharrie George Workshops

 Sharrie George Workshops

Ukulele Basics!- BEGINNER - Get started playing the Uke! Find out just how much fun it is to play with this workshop.Sharrie will cover all you need to know to get started; from tuning to strums, chords, and more!We’ll be playing some fun tunes by the end of the workshop! 

Strum Some Fun on the Uke! - Beyond Beginner Level

Grab your uke and learn, practice and play some different strums!Learn how and when to use them in tunes as we learn some great uke classic tunes. Suggestions for strums provided for each tune. We’ll also learn and practice strums for the Manatee Orchestra tunes so you can play with us for our performance on Sat night! (Not required, but fun!) 

Hawaiian Strumming - Fast! -All Levels-Beyond the basic “island strum,” there are faster, some really fast, Hawaiian strums!You hear some of these strums used for Hawaiian ‘Hula’ tunes, but also for many other styles of music as well.Even for beginners, learning to strum some of the basic Hawaiian strums are great practice for speed, accuracy and rhythm!

Melody, Harmony, Fills & Thrills on the Ukulele - Manatee Orchestra! - Intermediate Level - If you can read tab, we’ll practice the melody, harmony, back-up “fills” and “licks” for this year’s Manatee Orchestra tunes.We all perform 3 tunes together to open the concert on Saturday Night - an annual tradition you won’t want to miss!

Jazz Up Your Chords on Ukulele - Intermediate Level -Learn some “jazz-style” tunes, rhythms, and chords, and how to make a tune sound “jazzier” with some chord substitutions.Can be applied to many tunes you already know to create your own version of a tune!Great for ear training as well!

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