Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Guy George Workshops

Guy George Workshops

Beginning Pennywhistle - Take it from the top! Learn this fun and easy to carry instrument in an hour and be playing in 2 keys! Refresh your skills if it’s been a while or if you just want to warm up for the cruise! A “D” whistle is needed for this class! 

Get Up to Speed on Hammered Dulcimer - All LevelsReview, Renew, and warm up your playing as we cover chords, arpeggios and more while we learn a few fun tunes! Perfect for Beginners and more experienced players as well! We’ll have something for everyone! 

Manatee Orchestra - Hammered Dulcimer, Pennywhistle, Steel Drum - All Levels! Learn and/or practice the Manatee Orchestra tunes and be ready for the Concert on Saturday Night! A great way to “play well with others” and have fun playing in a group setting! 

Celebrating Harry Belafonte - “King of Calypso!” Pennywhistle - Intermediate - Learn some great island tunes with melody, harmony, added “licks” and “tricks”! Practice some amazing rhythms and see how easy it can be to play more syncopated melodies and rhythms! Tablature will be provided for all handouts. “D” whistle needed. 

Hammered Dulcimer Duets - Intermediate Team up with another dulcimer player and learn how to play some great tunes for two! We’ll trade off playing with each other, see how to work with another player and how to “listen”. These tunes can be played with other instruments and your group as well! 

Pennywhistle - All levels - Easy Chromatics in Songs - Expand your playing by adding some chromatic notes and learn easier ways to play them. We’ll learn a few tunes and find the chromatics with you! We’ll have melody and harmony for each tune as well. Tablature will be provided for all handouts. “D” whistle needed. 

Thursday “After Classes” *** Sangria Steel Drum Happy Hour! - Join us for a chilled glass of Sangria, and enjoy a demonstration, workshop, and steel drum fun! Bring your Jumbie Jam Steel Drum and stay for the workshop! Those who play are welcome to add to the demonstration - if you’ve never played before, now you can try one! Become an island music player on Steel Drum! 

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