Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Sharrie George Workshops

Sharrie George Workshops

Beginning Ukulele - For those who have never played a Uke before, or for anyone wanting to “refresh” your memory and get up to speed again on ukulele! We’ll cover all the basics, including basic strums, chords, & practice tips; we’ll also learn a few great ukulele tunes! Great warm up for the week! 

Ukulele All levels— Essential Chords and Strums - Learn, review, and master some of our “necessary” chords and strums. Too often we try to learn “songs”, but don’t focus on the rhythm and how they actually sound when we play. Gain confidence to really ‘play out” even if you’re just strumming chords! Make each tune sound different and great! We’ll learn some fun tunes while we focus on really sounding good! 

Celebrating Harry Belafonte - “King of Calypso!” - Past Beginner & AboveHave fun with the calypso sounds of Harry Belafonte as we learn some of his amazing music! Learn the strums, chords, and sounds of the islands! 

Play Melody with Ukulele Duets - IntermediateLearn to read tablature and team up with another Uke player and learn how to play some great tunes for two! We’ll trade off playing with each other, see how to work with another player. These tunes can be played with other instruments as well! 

Uke Performance Skills - Manatee Orchestra - All Levels - No matter how large or small our audience, we all want to sound our best. Learn and Practice the Manatee Orchestra tunes as we focus on performing each tune and sounding great as individual players and as a group. Be part of the Manatee Orchestra on Saturday night - even if you’re a beginner, there will be a part for you! 

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